Our Philosophy

When we’re meeting with a client or networking with other agents, we believe it’s important to listen as much as we speak. So it doesn’t come naturally for us to shout from the rooftops – or from the Hollywood Hills – about why you should choose to work with us.
That being said, we believe our clients have the right to make informed decisions. So we will do our best – like we always do – to tell you a little more about us. Simply stated. And honestly spoken.

At the Bascon Group, we have three principles that govern what we do: relationships matter, results matter, and experience matters. Please read through our philosophy and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, we will do our best – like we always do – to answer them. Accurately. Thoughtfully. And truthfully.

Relationships Matter

At the Bascon Group, we value relationships – those with our clients, with our fellow Realtors, and with every professional involved in completing a transaction. It’s our philosophy that taking care of people is a good way to take care of business.

By taking the time to get to know our clients, we’re more likely to find properties that will satisfy their needs. Through networking with other Realtors, we’re well-positioned to learn about opportunities that might otherwise be missed. And by building respectful working relationships with industry insiders, we are able to refer our clients to a dependable network of professionals.

Results Matter

As much as relationships matter, we realize that all business relationships depend on achieving results. For most clients, good results usually revolve around money (landing the best price) and time (completing the deal quickly). But success can look different to other people. We will never assume what it means to you; my team and I want to understand your expectations so that we can formulate a strategy to achieve them.

Experience Matters

Our 20+ years of experience in the real estate business shows in everything we say and do. Our experience means we’re familiar with previous fluctuations in the market but we stay up-to-date on current conditions. It has taught us to keep the big picture in mind but to always triple-check the details. It means we’ve inked plenty of deals but we always remember that this deal is the one that matters to you.

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